When it comes to simple cuisine, we offer you the best of the best in the form of top-quality dishes with a regional focus that are creative yet uncomplicated.

We are happy to provide you and your guests with a comprehensive buffet so that you can rest assured that each of your guests can put together the perfect meal for their taste buds. We can even provide you with a selection of different buffets to choose from on request.

Served Menu

We gladly serve individually definded menues.

You´ll find our seasonal menu suggestions here:

Flying Buffet

We offer a butler-style service in which we serve you and your guests trays full of delicious finger food that you can eat in a smaller area, either standing up or sitting down.

This option enables you to dedicate more time to your guests as the host of the event.

Auswahl Fingerfood


Our barbecues are sure to get your event off to a firing start! Enjoy a gourmet barbecue buffet served hot off the coals of our original BBQ smoker (approx. 450kg). From antipasti through to meat, fish and desserts, this buffet offers delicious treats for all kinds of taste buds. We can also cater to the needs of younger guests by preparing a special children’s barbecue station.

à la carte dining

Please choose individually from our seasonal menu!

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